Every great story starts with a party

We met at a college party at the University of Virginia. Kait invited her newest friend, Abby, to attend, who in turn brought her cousin, Andrew. Kait made sure to figure out all the details on this new mysterious guest. Andrew couldn't help flirting with the devil in the blue dress, who obliged him with a shot of peppermint schnapps.

We reunited months later at a football game at the University of Maryland (UVA won 20-9), where we shared our first kiss during a torrential downpour in the fourth quarter and the romance never truly died.

Finally reunited for good in LA, Andrew and Kaitlyn have been together for the past three years, enjoying adventures, game nights, new friends and the California sunshine!

After two years of love and adventures,
she said yes!

After a terrifying sit-down with Brad, Andrew was ready to put a ring on it. He drove down to LA on a Wednesday night to take Kait out on the town to the romantic Il Cielo Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills.

After a fantastic evening celebrating "their anniversary," Kait thought - this could be a perfect night for an enagement! But alas, Andrew just brought her home to watch a movie.

However, when they arrived, flower petals littered the stairs and the entire rooftop to Kait's apartment was decorated in candles, roses and pictures of their love. Andrew dropped down on one knee in the very spot he first told Kait he loved her and she said "Yes!"

Let's Boogie!

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Please join us to celebrate our first day as husband and wife because your love and friendship have made us who we are.