The Family

Peter Musselman

Best Man and Twin Brother
Known for 30 years High-flying Navigator in the Air Force; but in our first race he came in second

Richard Smith

Known for 30 yearsGeorgia Peach; always making sure Pete & Andrew were dressed and on time (they need to be at the wedding by 4!)

Brittany Powell

Known for 27 years Doctor-to-be saving the world in Rwanda; grew up together on Playmobiles, peanut butter pancakes and straight A's

Shannon Powell

Known for 25 years NYC fashionista; always played dress up (Indian, bride, cowgirl, private school outfit) until she was hired to dress other people up

The In-Laws

Scott Powell

Soon-to-be Brother
Known for 6 yearsDuke grad; brings the good vibes whether we're skiing, snowmobiling or beach chilling

Reed Jobs

Soon-to-be CousinKnown for 3 yearsSan Fran Man; Just like his running, always going the distance for us

Amy Musselman

Soon-to-be SisterKnown for 4 yearsBrooklyn Blonde Bombshell; pranced around with me in leopard pajamas in the first 12 hours of meeting the family

Mallory Musselman

Soon-to-be SisterKnown for 3 yearsManhattan accountant; give her credit for dancing the longest at the Bachelorette party

The OG's

Brendon Palumbo

Brother From Another MotherKnown for 22 yearsSupplies power and good times; just like a Ford, he only runs downhill

Mike Brenneis

Third Grade TroublemakersKnown for 21 years Sells foam; went from constructors building tree forts to getting dream jobs and having mortgages

Alyse Prawde

Oldie but co-Goodie Two ShoeKnown for 23 yearsEast Coast attorney; played the Wendy to my Peter, the Rizzo to my Sandy and the Dice #1 to my Dice #2

Natalia Darling

Second Grade Soul SisterKnown for 22 yearsFoxy Physician's Assistant; I'd meet her anywhere (Spain to South Carolina, Cancun to California) but not in a Budget Inn

The Navy Studs
and The Wahoo Chicks

Greg Shaffer

ShipmateKnown for 5 years Met in bootcamp when I didn't know up from down; Naval Aviator always leading me on the right path

An Hua

Fellow Maintainer Known for 4 years Aerospace Lieutenant; whether he is surviving Lemoore or travelling the world, he maintains his cool composure

Julie Tumasz

Craziest Companion Known for 11 years Filming the four corners of the world; at UVA, was always the one next to me on the dance floor as the sun came up

Abby Larner

Qween Confidante Known for 10 yearsMatchmaker Extraordinaire (she set us up!); everything in common from our freckles to craftiness to reaction to gummies

The Cali Crew

Jared Zack

West Coast WarriorKnown for 3 yearsThe Jon Hamm of Lemonade; first one to greet you with a cold brew, a country tune and a great story

Scott Salomon

Calabasas KingKnown for 3 yearsLegal Assassin; always on the same wavelength, whether it's getting engaged or crushing the ladies at code-names (Men, Men, Men!)

Amy Zack

SoCal Support SystemKnown for 7 yearsHollywood Publicist and Wonder Wife; raging roomie through the young twenties, greatest advisor through the old ones

Christina Moncrief

Golden State GirlKnown for 6 yearsFashion (Brand) Police; two gal pals that can't handle the sun so we rule the nights